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Try THIS to Instantly Make DALL·E 3 Way Better For Your SEO Images

By Des Dreckett

November 3, 2023


DALL·E 3 produces high-quality, text-accurate SEO IMAGES. Custom instructions enhance website image generation. Basic prompts yield brilliant images, while custom instructions boost creativity and control. DALL·E 3’s capabilities are continuously improving. It can create vibrant, colorful designs. Unique AI-generated images can help website articles rank higher on Google.

Key insights

  • 💯 DALL·E 3 has taken image generation to the next level by producing high-quality images with accurate and legible text.
  • 💡 Using custom instructions in DALL·E can significantly improve the quality of generated images for websites.
  • 📸 DALL·E provides detailed and brilliant images, even with basic prompts, showcasing its impressive capabilities.
  • 🌟 The custom instructions feature in DALL·E 3 allows users to have more control and creativity in generating image prompts.
  • 🌟 DALL·E 3 is expected to improve significantly over time, with each passing week bringing better and better results.
  • 🎨 DALL·E can generate interesting and colorful designs, such as a Spanish Market with vibrant fruits.
  • 💡 Most website owners don’t realize that they can rank their articles higher in Google by using unique images, and they can achieve this by combining AI-generated images with stock photos.

Timestamped Summary

The key idea of the video is to use DALL·E 3 and Canva to enhance SEO images by generating unique and customizable images and text.

  • 00:00 🔧 Use custom instructions in ChatGPT to enhance SEO and improve the quality of DALL·E 3 images by providing unique and readable text on your website for free.
    • Use the custom instructions feature in ChatGPT to improve your images and enhance SEO by creating unique and readable text on your website for free.
    • To improve the SEO of DALL·E 3 images, users need to log in to the premium version, select GPT 4, change to DAR 3, and start a conversation without a lengthy prompt.
    • To improve the quality of images generated by DALL·E, use custom instructions by clicking on the three dots in ChatGPT and pasting the provided instructions.
    • Paste the prompts individually into the two boxes and save them to provide better responses and determine how you want ChatGPT to respond.
  • 03:27 🔍 Using DALL·E for SEO images can be challenging, but a helpful YouTube video provided useful tips, including using ChatGPT to edit images and generate more specific prompts.
    • Using MidJourney for SEO images can be difficult, but I found a helpful video on YouTube that provided useful tips.
    • The images generated by DALL·E are detailed and impressive, and clicking on the images reveals even more specific prompts for generating additional images.
    • You can use ChatGPT to edit images by removing specific elements, such as fries, while keeping the rest of the image intact, showcasing the power of this tool.

The First Image Shows Fries

chagpt image with a steak dinner showing fries

Image Showing Fries

  • 05:44 📷 Use DALL·E 3 to generate various angles of an image, remove unwanted elements, and customize backgrounds for e-commerce and SEO.
    • ChatGPT and DALL·E 3 have the power to generate different angles of an image, providing a bird’s eye view and other perspectives, with the added benefit of custom instructions.
    • You can use DALL·E 3 to remove unwanted elements from an image and replace them with your own background, which can be beneficial for e-commerce and SEO purposes.

The Second Image – ChatGPT Has Removed Fries

chagpt image with a steak dinner without fries

Image Without Fries

  • 07:04 📸 DALL·E 3 is improving and creating impressive images, like a funny King Kong in London, and is effective in generating text within images with high accuracy, allowing users to modify AI-generated text with Canva.
    • DALL·E 3 is continuously improving and producing impressive images, such as a funny depiction of King Kong in London, despite not being photorealistic.
    • I discuss using a Tesla prompt to generate interesting designs and show examples of colorful fruits and images related to peace in the Middle East and a donkey on a jet ski.
    • DALL·E 3 is highly effective in generating text within images, with about 80 to 90% accuracy, and when combined with Canva, users can modify the AI-generated text on the image.
  • 10:03 📸 Use AI to edit and manipulate images in DALL·E 3 for better SEO, combining with stock photos to create unique images that can improve website ranking on Google.
    • Use AI to edit and manipulate images in DALL·E 3, such as resizing, moving, and adding text, to improve SEO.
    • Combine AI-generated images with stock photos to create unique images for your articles, which can help improve your website’s ranking on Google.
  • 11:47 📸 Combine AI images with your brand image in Canva to create unique and enhanced SEO images.
    • Use ChatGPT or DALL·E 3 to generate a wide-angle urban backdrop with graffiti for better SEO images.
    • Combine an AI image with your own brand image in Canva, remove the background, and adjust the size and filters to enhance the image.
    • Combine your own brand image with an AI image using Canva to create a unique image that cannot be found online, improving SEO for your content.

An AI Image Crossed With Real Stock Footage

  • 14:57 📈 To improve DALL·E 3 image SEO, start with a new prompt in ChatGPT and prioritize images like the second one from the London Carnival.
    • To improve the ranking of DALL·E 3 images for SEO, I suggest starting with a new prompt in ChatGPT to avoid combining previous prompts.
    • I discuss the images of the London Carnival and express their preference for the second image, despite it not following their prompt to remove the main characters.
  • 16:32 👉 I discuss the power of DALL·E 3 and how it becomes even better when combined with Canva for SEO images.


How can the unique images created by DALL·E 3 improve SEO for websites?

Unique AI-generated images are more likely to rank higher in Google search results, offering an advantage over common stock photos.

What is the impact of combining DALL·E 3-generated images with stock photos?

This combination can create distinctive images that enhance the uniqueness of your content, positively influencing SEO.

How can DALL·E 3 be used to generate text within images, and how does this affect SEO?

DALL·E 3 can generate images with accurate and legible text, which can be edited further in Canva. This feature can enhance the relevance and appeal of your images for SEO purposes.

What are the benefits of using DALL·E 3 to customize image backgrounds for SEO?

Customizing backgrounds allows for the creation of images tailored to specific content, improving the alignment between images and written content for better SEO performance.

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