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Why I’m Ditching Niche Sites For Full-Time Affiliate Marketing In 2024!

By Des Dreckett

December 22, 2023


The focus is on transitioning from niche websites to full-time affiliate marketing in 2024. This shift is driven by higher income potential from review and e-commerce sites and adapting to Google’s algorithm changes. Strategies include leveraging YouTube for SEO, targeting low-competition keywords, using dynamic templates and API calls for content updates, and injecting personal viewpoints into content. The goal is to boost earnings and reach a wider audience amidst evolving digital marketing landscapes.

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Key insights

  • 💰 The review website made 10 times the income than all five of those Niche websites put together, prompting the decision to pivot to affiliate marketing.
  • 📈 AI is coming on strong in 2023 and it’s going to be even bigger in 2024, causing Google to be in panic mode and testing lots of different things.
  • 📊 Shifting focus from the top and middle of the funnel to the bottom for better results in affiliate marketing.
  • 🎥 Combining YouTube videos with affiliate marketing and producing articles can be a game-changer for SEO and reaching a wider audience.
  • 📈 Using automated tools to create variations of landing pages targeting different low-competition keywords could be a game-changer in affiliate marketing.
  • 🔄 Using API calls to dynamically update website content allows for content production at scale, a potential game-changer for affiliate marketing.
  • 💡 Injecting personal viewpoints and personalities into content is the future of affiliate marketing and niche sites.
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Timestamped Summary

I talk about is transitioning from niche sites to full-time affiliate marketing in 2024, focusing on review and e-commerce sites through videos and blog posts to increase earnings and adapt to Google’s algorithm changes.

  • 00:00 🚀 Ditching niche sites for full-time affiliate marketing in 2024 due to higher income potential and Google’s algorithm changes, focusing on review and e-commerce sites through videos and blog posts.
    • I talk about is ditching niche websites for full-time affiliate marketing due to the higher income potential and Google’s algorithm changes favoring review and e-commerce sites.
    • I’lll review products and services by making videos and blog posts in a review format.
  • 01:38 🚀 Transitioning from niche sites to full-time affiliate marketing due to Google’s introduction of search generative experience (SGE) and prioritization of ads in search results.
    • Google’s introduction of search generative experience (SGE) in 2023 and its beta phase in 2024 will have significant implications for search engine optimization, as AI becomes increasingly prominent and Google struggles to find the best way to implement it.
    • Google prioritizes ads in search results, leading me to the decision to transition from niche sites to full-time affiliate marketing.
  • 03:29 💡 I’m shifting focus from niche sites to full-time affiliate marketing, specifically targeting the bottom of the funnel for increased earnings.
  • 04:37 📈 YouTube is a lucrative platform for affiliate marketing, combining videos with SEO to boost reviews and reach a wider audience.
  • 05:58 🚀 Create landing pages using programmatic SEO to target low-competition keywords for full-time affiliate marketing instead of niche sites in 2024.
  • 06:46 📈 Using dynamic templates for hotel search allows for easy listing and display of items within a database, as seen in the comparison of top hotels on Expedia.
    • Comparison of top hotels in different locations on Expedia shows that the pages are very similar, with only minor differences in ads, indicating that it is a template.
    • I explain the power of using a dynamic template for hotel search, allowing for easy listing and display of items within a database.
  • 08:31 🚀 Enter details into a database to dynamically show content on website, use API call to update database and website, will publish video on improving Niche website success in 2024, still using AI content.
  • 09:34 🚀 Injecting personality and viewpoint into content using AI, taking small steps to compete in affiliate marketing, follow my journey through a free newsletter and video on the future of blogging.
    • I plan to to inject their own personality and thoughts into their content, using AI to write some of the content and then editing and putting their own spin on it, believing that injecting their own viewpoint and personality into articles is necessary for the future of affiliate marketing in 2024.
    • Take small steps to compete in the marketplace, follow my journey through a free newsletter, and check out their video on the future of blogging.


How can I effectively transition from a niche website to full-time affiliate marketing?

To transition smoothly, start by gradually integrating affiliate marketing strategies into your niche site. Focus on understanding your audience’s needs and preferences, and select affiliate products that align with their interests. Build trust with your audience by providing honest reviews and useful content. Additionally, educate yourself on SEO best practices and affiliate marketing trends to enhance your strategy.

What are the key differences between running a niche site and managing a full-time affiliate marketing site?

Niche sites often focus on a specific topic or interest, providing content that appeals to a targeted audience. Full-time affiliate marketing sites, on the other hand, are more commercially focused, prioritizing product promotions and partnerships. While both require strong SEO and content strategies, affiliate marketing demands a deeper understanding of conversion optimization, customer journey mapping, and relationship-building with brands.

Can I use my existing niche website content for affiliate marketing?

Absolutely! Leverage your existing niche content by incorporating affiliate links and product recommendations where relevant. Ensure that the products align with your content themes and audience interests. You may need to update or repurpose some content to fit more naturally with affiliate marketing goals, focusing on product reviews, comparisons, and how-to guides related to your affiliate products.

What are the best practices for SEO in affiliate marketing compared to niche websites?

SEO for affiliate marketing involves a focus on high-intent commercial keywords and phrases that are likely to lead to conversions. Prioritize keywords that are relevant to the products you’re promoting, and optimize your content accordingly. Additionally, pay attention to on-page SEO elements like meta descriptions, headers, and image alt texts. Unlike niche sites, where the focus might be more on informational content, affiliate sites should balance informational and commercial content to guide users through the buyer’s journey.

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