November 15


ChatGPT Update Has Made It an ABSOLUTE MONSTER

By Des Dreckett

November 15, 2023


The new ChatGPT update introduces groundbreaking capabilities, enabling users to create customized GPTs for specific projects.

These enhancements include web browsing, image generation, and code interpretation, offering greater control and customization in AI applications.

It can also generate FAQs and write article schemas, potentially revolutionizing content creation.

In the context of SEO and web content, it’s crucial to produce valuable, original content, engage actively on social media, and incorporate multimedia elements like videos to enhance user experience and improve search rankings, especially considering Google’s helpful content update.

Websites should focus on authenticity, engaging content structures, and effective use of multimedia alongside non-intrusive monetization strategies for success in the evolving digital landscape.

Key insights

  • šŸš€ This version of ChatGPT is an absolute game changer for making your life easier.
  • šŸ”„ The new ChatGPT update allows users to create their GPTs specific to the project they want to make, which is a game changer.
  • šŸ¤– Creating your own GPT from scratch allows for customization and specific capabilities, such as web browsing, image generation, and code interpretation.
  • šŸ”® The AI’s request for specific instructions on how to build the schema generator raises questions about the level of control and customization users have over the AI’s capabilities.
  • šŸ¤Æ The new ChatGPT update can generate FAQs and write schemas for articles, potentially revolutionizing content creation.

Timestamped Summary

The new ChatGPT update allows users to create customized GPTs for specific projects, revolutionizing content creation and providing higher control and customization over AI capabilities.

  • 00:00 šŸš€ The latest ChatGPT update offers game-changing features, including access to multiple GPT models for different projects and easy setup.
    • OpenAI’s ChatGPT has received an impressive upgrade, which the speaker will discuss in the video.
    • The new version of ChatGPT will make your life easier with specific game changers features, and the setup process is simple and quick.
    • The update to ChatGPT has moved the option for version 3.5 or 4.0 to the left side, with version 4.0 offering more functions and features.
    • The new ChatGPT update has integrated new features, such as exploring and accessing multiple GPT models specific to different projects, including creating and using your GPT for SEO and a specific GPT for images.
  • 03:24 šŸš€ ChatGPT update allows for detailed prompts, image adaptation, personalized recipes, and exploration of specific chat GPTs.
    • The update to ChatGPT allows for more detailed prompts and the ability to adapt images by adding new elements.
    • Name images with the article name, use the description as the alt tag and explore other specific chat GPTs by clicking on the new chat icon and going to explore.
    • Get personalized recipes based on your favorite ingredients, dietary restrictions, and allergies, making it easy to find new dishes to try.
  • 05:44 šŸš€ ChatGPT update allows users to create their GPTs for SEO and preview their output using the GPT Builder and conversation feature.
    • The new update of ChatGPT has improved its SEO capabilities, allowing users to create their GPTs and preview their output.
    • You can create your GPT by using the GPT Builder, specifying the name, description, and instructions, and then using the conversation feature to produce your GPT.
  • 07:52 šŸš€ ChatGPT update allows users to name and customize their GPT, with instructions on building a schema generator, while discussing using ChatGPT for e-commerce and encountering technical issues.
    • The update allows users to name their GPT and customize its image before providing specific instructions on building a schema generator.
    • The speaker discusses using ChatGPT to build an e-commerce site, choosing a casual tone, and encountering some technical issues due to high demand.
  • 09:51 šŸš€ ChatGPT update makes it a powerful tool for generating FAQs and writing schema code for articles, easily creating and validating schema markup, and sharing personal GPTs publicly or privately for different projects.
    • The AI update has made ChatGPT an effective tool for generating FAQs and writing article schemas.
    • ChatGPT can now write schema code for FAQs, which can be validated using a schema market validator to ensure accuracy.
    • Use the new ChatGPT update to quickly generate schema markup for articles and FAQs and share your GPTs publicly or keep them private for various projects.
  • 12:16 šŸš€ Create your title generator for articles with ChatGPT’s update, allowing easy title generation based on keywords in less than five minutes.
    • Learn how to create your own title generator for articles by providing a prompt and keywords.
    • The update to ChatGPT allows for easy generation of titles based on given keywords, with the option to customize the icon and tone, all in less than five minutes.
  • 13:56 šŸš€ GPT update makes it a monster, showing keyword research tools and sustainable energy advantages.
    • The speaker demonstrates how to use a keyword research tool to generate longtail keywords and then input them into GPT to create titles.
    • The video discusses the advantages of sustainable energy and how the Alliance for Sustainable Energy is changing the game.
  • 15:38 šŸš€ You can use ChatGPT to create logos, infographics and change text, but it’s still in beta, and you need to write your content differently to stand out.


How does integrating AI tools like ChatGPT impact SEO and content marketing strategies?

Integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into SEO and content marketing strategies offers a significant advantage in terms of efficiency and innovation. AI can help automate content creation, provide keyword optimization insights, and generate user-focused content. However, balancing AI-generated content with a human touch is crucial to ensure authenticity and alignment with your brand’s voice. Using AI responsibly and creatively can enhance content quality and SEO effectiveness.

What are the best practices for incorporating multimedia elements in content to boost SEO?

Incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, images, and infographics can significantly boost SEO. Best practices include ensuring that multimedia is relevant and adds value to your content, optimizing file sizes for quick loading, using descriptive file names and alt tags for images, and embedding videos from platforms like YouTube for increased visibility. Additionally, multimedia should complement the written content and be strategically placed to enhance user engagement and retention.

How can content creators ensure their work remains impactful amidst frequent Google algorithm updates?

Content creators can maintain the impact of their work by focusing on creating high-quality, valuable content that addresses the needs and questions of their target audience. Staying informed about Google algorithm updates is crucial. Adapting content strategies to prioritize user experience, relevance, and authenticity will help sustain their content’s effectiveness. Regularly updating older content to keep it fresh and relevant is also a key strategy.

What role does social media engagement play in content marketing and SEO, and how can it be optimized?

Social media engagement is pivotal in content marketing and SEO by increasing content visibility, driving traffic, and enhancing brand presence. To optimize it, consistently post relevant and engaging content, interact with your audience through comments and messages, and use social media analytics to understand your audience’s preferences. Cross-promoting content across different platforms and encouraging sharing can amplify reach and impact on SEO through increased visibility and backlinks.

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