October 31


How to GET AHEAD of 99% of ChatGPT SEO Articles

By Des Dreckett

October 31, 2023


Use Socrates and Keyword Sheeter for longtail keyword research. Analyze competitors for Q&A formats, snippets, and multimedia. Improve on existing featured snippets.

Include videos for better ranking. Promote content via guest posts and social media. Update old content for better traffic and ranking.

Key insights

  • šŸš€ Answer Socrates and Keyword Sheeter are two recommended keyword tools that can assist in finding popular longtail keywords for Google searches.
  • šŸ“‘ Analyzing competing articles should include factors such as question-answer format, featured snippets, images, videos, tables, FAQs, and external and internal links.
  • šŸ’” The secret to getting featured snippets is to write something very similar to what’s already available but make it a lot more refined.
  • šŸŽ„ Including videos in your content can not only help with ranking on YouTube but also improve your chances of ranking as a featured snippet in search results.
  • šŸ“Œ Utilizing guest posts, video snippets, and linking back to your article can further enhance the promotion of your content and attract more readers.
  • šŸŒ Utilizing social media platforms to promote your articles and generate positive signals to Google can significantly impact your article’s visibility and reach.
  • šŸ’” Updating and keeping old content fresh can generate more traffic than creating new content, as there is already enough content on most topics on Google.
  • šŸ“ Keeping your content up to date is crucial for ranking higher in search results, as freshness is a key factor considered by search engines like Google.

The secret to getting featured snippets is to write something very similar to what’s already available but make it a lot more refined.

Des Dreckett

Timestamped Summary

The key idea of the video is to provide context, analyze competition, optimize content, and focus on quality in order to rank higher in Google search results with user-generated content using ChatGPT.

  • 00:00 šŸ” Google prefers user-generated content from platforms like Quora and Reddit, so to rank higher than ChatGPT articles, provide context and create a helpful outline; find longtail keywords using free tools, focus on broad articles, analyze competition, and cover user intent.
    • Google has been ranking Quora and Reddit articles higher in search results due to a preference for user-generated content, so it is important to provide context and create a more helpful outline when writing articles to rank higher than ChatGPT articles, and the video will demonstrate step-by-step techniques and tools to achieve this.
    • Find longtail keywords that people are searching for in Google using free keyword tools like Answer Socrates or Keyword Sheeter, starting with a broad keyword like “Tesla”.
    • This video explains how to use a keyword tool to find popular Google searches related to a specific keyword, using the example of “How do Tesla batteries stay cool?”
    • Look for question/answer articles within Google search and assess the competition before writing an article, as broad articles with the main keyword are more effective than question/answer articles.
    • Google tends to rank articles with a broader scope higher in search results, particularly user-generated content like those from Quora and Reddit, making it more difficult to outrank them, so it is recommended to focus on a broader strategy or choose a different keyword to rank for if the competition has high domain authority.
    • Analyze the competition and create valuable content that covers the user’s intent to write a good article, even if the domains aren’t high domain authorities.
  • 05:46 šŸ” Analyze competition features like format, snippets, images, videos, tables, FAQs, links, and unique images to rank higher in Google; use chat GPT with Perplexity.ai for accurate data and citations, and copy transcript info, remove citations, and add related questions for article outline.
    • Analyze the competition by looking at the special features of each article, such as question-answer format, featured snippets, images, videos, tables, FAQs, external and internal links, and unique images, in order to rank higher in Google’s helpful content update.
    • Use chat GPT to write the outline and article, but first, provide context by using perplexity Ai for accurate data and citations.
    • Copy the information from the transcript, remove citations, and add related questions to form an outline for the article.
  • 09:03 šŸ“ Gathering context and providing demographic information are important for accurate and well-structured articles using ChatGPT, and using prompts and outlines can improve the quality and uniqueness of the content before publishing.
    • Gathering context for an article helps ensure accuracy, credibility, and a well-structured piece, as AI content can sometimes create inaccurate information.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of providing a demographic for articles written using chat GPT, as it influences the writing style, and suggests using a simple search within chat GPT to find the demographic for the article.
    • When crafting an outline, it is important to provide context to ChatGPT and use category buckets to differentiate and organize the article for better understanding by Google.
    • To improve the quality of your article outline using ChatGPT, provide context and consider adding additional information from other articles, as the speaker suggests.
    • To ensure uniqueness and address user intent, the speaker uses chat GPT to provide context and an outline for writing an article, using prompts to guide the AI in crafting the content.
    • Copy the article and put it into HTML cleaner to visualize and make edits before publishing it on either Shopify or WordPress.
  • 14:10 šŸ“ The speaker emphasizes the importance of using perplexity to ensure factual accuracy in ChatGPT articles, advises editing in HTML Cleaner, Shopify, or WordPress, and crafting a unique introduction using a copyrighting framework like PAIPS to improve SEO.
    • The speaker emphasizes the importance of using perplexity to ensure factual accuracy in articles generated by ChatGPT and advises editing the article in HTML Cleaner, Shopify, or WordPress to make it better than existing articles.
    • Crafting a unique and enticing introduction is crucial for SEO articles on ChatGPT, as the default introductions generated by the model are often similar, and using a copyrighting framework like P AIPS (Problem, Agitate, Intrigue, Positive future, Solution) can help achieve this.
This video goes over the details of using the PAIPS copywriting formula.
  • Add a unique introduction and FAQ section to your chat GPT article to cover more intent and keywords, providing additional prompts and considering the demographic.
  • Ask the AI to write FAQs for a specific demographic and choose the number of FAQs you want, such as four, to make the article more informative.
  • Craft unique FAQs that have not been answered in the article to ensure the creation of original content.
  • 18:59 šŸ”‘ The speaker emphasizes the significance of advanced cooling systems in electric vehicles, particularly Tesla, and recommends enhancing articles by incorporating FAQs and rewriting the introduction to surpass other chat GPT articles.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of advanced cooling mechanisms in electric vehicles, specifically Tesla, and suggests adding FAQs and rewriting the intro to make the article more comprehensive than other chat GPT articles.
    • To optimize for featured snippets in search results, ensure that your content includes the same information as the current featured snippet but in a more refined and detailed manner.
    • To optimize an article for ranking and feature snippets, include a highlighted or bolded intro and feature snippet code without any special formatting.

Using LSI Keywords

  • 21:33 šŸ”‘ Add relevant keywords early on in the article and include LSI keywords using the Harpa.ai plugin to improve search rankings, obtained by pressing alt+a and typing “/EXT” to get a list of related keywords, then highlight or remove bold formatting using an HTML cleaner.
    • Add relevant keywords early on in the article and include LSI keywords to increase the chances of ranking higher in search results.
    • Using LSI keywords can potentially improve article rankings, and while there is debate about their effectiveness, the speaker personally recommends using a few LSI keywords, obtained through a free plugin called Harpa, but it ultimately depends on individual preference.
    • Harpa AI is a free plugin that SEO professionals use to add LSI keywords to articles, and by using the plugin, you can easily extract LSI keywords from top-ranking articles by pressing alt+a and typing in “/EXT” to get a list of related keywords.
    • Press alt a or go to the website to get the NSI keyword, copy it, and inject it into the article using ChatGPT to highlight LSI keywords.
    • After obtaining the LSI keywords, you can either keep them highlighted or remove the bold formatting using an HTML cleaner.
  • 26:26 šŸ“ Target the right featured snippet, promote articles through social media and external/internal links, incorporate additional features to improve ranking and EEAT, and focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to blog posts.
    • When writing an article, make sure to target the right featured snippet by analyzing the search results and including relevant elements such as tables or videos, as this can greatly improve ranking and visibility.
    • Promote your articles by sharing them on social media, writing guest posts with links back to your article, producing YouTube videos on the same topic with links in the description, pinning your article to Pinterest, or answering questions on Reddit or Quora.
    • Promoting articles through external and internal links is important to signal to Google and encourage others to share your content on social media platforms.
    • To increase the EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of your article and improve its ranking, it is important to have it mentioned in various places and incorporate additional features, as simply posting ChatGPT articles without these additions will make it difficult to rank.
    • Publishing more blog posts to increase search traffic is no longer effective, but writing more content can be beneficial if you already have good SEO traffic.
  • 30:45 šŸ“ˆ Creating free tools on your website can naturally build links and improve domain authority, while updating and refreshing content, analyzing traffic changes, and improving intros can generate more traffic and outrank competitors.
    • For websites with low domain authority, it is recommended to offer free tools on the website to naturally build links based on the analysis of the most popular link pages.
    • Creating tools for your website can improve domain authority and generate more traffic over time while updating and refreshing old content can also significantly increase traffic.
    • Keep your content up to date by using fresh and relevant sources, embedding social media links, and regularly checking and updating your article to ensure it remains current.
    • Update and improve your content by analyzing traffic changes, researching competitors, adding new elements like videos and images, and keeping it fresh to outrank other GPT content.
    • Improve the intros of your articles to differentiate your content from others engage readers, and share your thoughts in the comments.


How can using tools like Socrates and Keyword Sheeter improve my SEO strategy for ChatGPT articles?

These tools assist in identifying popular long-tail keywords, which are crucial for optimizing your content to match specific search queries and improve its visibility in search results.

What role does competitor analysis play in optimizing ChatGPT-generated SEO content?

Analyzing competitors helps you understand the formats, features, and content strategies that are successful. This includes looking at their use of multimedia, featured snippets, and the question-answer format to enhance your own content’s effectiveness.

Can incorporating videos into my ChatGPT articles enhance their SEO performance?

Yes, including videos not only aids in ranking on platforms like YouTube but also improves the chances of your content being featured in search results, contributing to better SEO outcomes.

What is the significance of updating old content in the context of SEO for ChatGPT articles?

Refreshing old content can be more effective in driving traffic than creating new content. Keeping your content current and relevant is key to improving its ranking in search results.

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